Hopes & Dreams of One Optimistic Teacher in a Pessimistic World

“How can I use my Third Wave Power of Creativity to help my students develop their own Third Wave Powers in spite of the Institute’s obstruction?”

Wow, the question that seems to be directed at every educator is a really tough one to answer.  How can I use my superpowers to develop my student’s superpowers to fight to be prepared to battle the forces of evil.  Evil not being a diabolical mad scientist, but the problems of the world.  While in the world of education we face many stumbling blocks on the way to achieving our goals (Some more daunting than others) we have to keep in mind that we want to give our students something valuable instead of just going through the process.  I know that’s an easy thing to say and harder thing to do, but we have to find a way to do it.  We have shed our mild-mannered practices that we have become accustomed to and show our super plan for getting through all of the headaches of education and prepare our students for the unknown.  How do we accomplish that task?  Good question.  One that I don’t have an answer to at the moment, but what I do know is I’m going to try to avoid simply preparing for the test in the spring and push for something bigger.  Wish me luck.


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