On the Stephen’s blog, I found a list of predictions one blogger has made in an attempt to predict the future of education.  A list of seven different predictions for what should be done offered many different statement that made me go, “Hmm…” a lot, but the ones that I found interesting fall on five and six.

Number five starts off by stating Ohio lawmaker Dennis Kucinich would take Pentagon spending money and relocate it to money spent on Education.  While I would be all for this move because it would help get us the resources possible to do more things in our classroom, I don’t think it is realistic.  I’ll take an example from a recent movie Charlie Wilson’s War with the great Tom Hanks (Sorry…I can’t resist.  I’m a huge Hanks fan!) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  In the movie, Congressman Charlie Wilson is fighting a covert war against the Soviet Union through rebels in Afghanstan.  Throughout the movie you see him trying to obtain funding for his “project” and he is very successfully in obtaining the money necessary to fight the Communists.  After many trials and tribulations, he finally manages to push back the Soviets into their own territory. In the aftermath of this covert war, he wants to start rebuilding the community by asking for money to build schools.  Shockingly enough, the funding committee doesn’t care about building schools and one congressman even forgets where they were fighting in the first place.  Well, after my long description of the movie with many spoilers {I apologize to the folks who have not seen the movie:-( } it clear that our priorities are not on education and obtaining the necessary funding to fight our own war to educate is probably not going to come easy.

The other prediction at number six was that all of the educational experts, researchers, bloggers, etc. would stop talking about what should be done and build a new school where they could practice their own philosophies of education.  It would be interesting to see if this would actual happen.  A school where students were receiving an education that was both stimulating and preparing them for solving problems of the 21st century.  How would they go about doing this?  Leadership? Extracurricular?  How would they obtain funding to get the necessary tools and resources to make this work?  These are all questions that both current teachers are asking themselves and what experts would have to ask themselves to make their dream a reality.  To them I say, good luck!


2 Responses to “Hmm…”

  1. You *do* realize that this was a spoof, right?

  2. Doh! Must have missed that. But still, even though it is a spoof there is some truth to it.

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