High Quality Schools @ Affordable Prices

While this article from the New York Times does not quite go with what we are talking about this, I still think it is a form of educational access.  According to this article, Dartmouth, one of the many Ivy League schools in the United States is going to follow suit with Harvard and Yale on offering a cheaper education to the middle class.  That means any family who makes less than $75,000 will be able to go to Dartmouth for free.  In that first sentence I ponder a couple of things in my head.  One, how many students can Dartmouth offer this opportunity to before they have to turn people away?  Two, why is it simply targeted to the middle class?  The president of Dartmouth, James Wright, says they want to get the most talented students around the world into their school. If that is the case, sir, then why not extend your hand to the lower class?   There are still creative and intelligent minds from that area of the social class spectrum who can do wonderful things if given the opportunity to do them.  Am I missing something here I should be seeing that should deter me from questioning why the lower class is left out of the opportunity to get a free or reduced education like everyone else?


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