Denied Access

Found an example of how education is denying access to wonderful resources on the Around the Corner blogsite.  In this blog, Mr. Guhlin talks about iTunesU and how it offers a almost infinite number of resources such as podcasts from teachers students can download and listen to them.  He mentions the fact that he is a newbie on (So am I. I never heard of it until this blog) and would like to know more.  The school he is teaching at does not want to risk losing funding on account of students viewing inappropriate content.  He volunteered himself to conduct research on schools who are using iTunes.  I’m kind of interested to know what this tool is all about.

It bothers me that access is being denied to iTunes because who knows what gems lie within the confines of the application.  But, K-12 educators will never know if the district continues to block access to them.   I think he makes a good point that we should embrace those teachable moments and help students understand them rather them let them try to figure it out for themselves.

This is an example of how the world is moving on this fast and exciting ride, but education remains in the mindset of the kid who doesn’t want to ride it.  I wonder if districts even looked at iTunesU and see what is out there before making the decision to block iTunes from schools.


2 Responses to “Denied Access”

  1. Thanks for the link! I’ve written some more about this and incorporated your thoughts here:

    With appreciation for your sharing,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

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