Global Conference + Education – K through 12 = Dim Future

From Remote Access comes a blog by Mr. Fisher about the Davos World Economic Forum that has become famous for the sharing many ideas and is considered to be one of the highest level gatherings.  From the map provided on his blogs, a majority of the higher GDPs for world cities wil be located on North America and within the borders of the United States  in 2010.  However, a decade later many global cities around the world will reach a plateau of higher GDP that will require innovative ideas from students of the last decade to solve problems for development and improvement.  With the future looking like this, you would think the world would be talking about how we can make the K-12 classroom better.

As an example of the intertwining forces of Technology, Education, and Culture, this conference should be a forum of bringing together different cultures to discuss educational strategies to promote innovation among students to create new methods of improvement.     What could be the reason for limiting the discussion about the K-12 classroom in a gathering of this magnitude?  How can the focus on education change towards K-12 instead its current position?


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