Take Me to Your Thought Leader

Coming from Mr. Downes is an article that discusses how no one has really made any challenges on blog site anymore and only wish to accept the musings and philosophies of others.  What ever happened to good ol’ conversations where both parties would come in, discuss what they have to say, and hope to gain a better understanding of each other.   The comment that Stephen makes in his blog about definitely needing thought leaders who can think on their own is something every teacher wants their students to be able to do on their own.  Being able to think on your own two feet allows for original ideas to emerge by questioning what is present and seek some innovative to fix the fractures.  We as teachers see the problems in and discuss them with each other to find answers to what we can do to remedy the situation.  By doing so, we are practicing good problem solving skills and being good role models for our students.  The type of skills that will benefit them later on in life.


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