Thoughts on Apophenia

After reading the Apophenia post on Phaedrus’s blog I am leaning towards her view of SNSs as merely socializing tools and not productive educational tools.  I can remember back in my freshman year of high school, roughly 1998, when instant messaging tools were becoming very popular and everyone wanted to own a ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, or AOL account to chat with their friends.  These tools along with Facebook and Myspace seem to offer a chance for friends to interact with one another in a digital medium.  But, a majority of the conversations they are conducting between one another are probably not school related.  Sure, every now and then two students conversing with one another will bring up a homework assignment for a class, but most of the time it is just to have a forum to chat with one another about anything. 

 Facebook has taken a different route over the past year with the pandora’s box known as Applications released onto its realm to feed off of every profile.  They are endless and enhance the notion that facebook has become more for entertainment than academia.  You don’t see any applications out there helping students with Math homework or Science concepts.  SNSs like facebook are not terrible things to have and come in handy when you want to see someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile, but they are something that should be done on the student’s own time and not on precious instructional time.  


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