Busting At the Seams

Congestion in the classroom can cause a major problem for teachers trying to teach to some 50 students at once for 5 different class periods in a school day.  However, this one school takes the cake when it comes to overcrowding.  In the New York Times, a story was run on a high school in Queens section of New York City can hold 1,800 students but the school population is around 4,000….twice the building capacity!  The decision to put this many students in one building falls on the Mayor and the Schools Chancellor which makes me question the motive for this decision.  Why was the money taken away from the Education budget to create such a problem?  A plan is in motion to create mini-schools to reduce the population, but that project will not be complete for a while.

This example represents another reason why their is such a digital divide.  Schools have to focus more on creating better facilities for their students than trying to acquire technology.  Can you blame them really?


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