A Good Start

Out of the Fairfax Times is an article discussing a program entitled Technology and 21st Century Careers: Preparing Students for the Future.  The title alone screams that the programs aim is at 21st century students since its goal is to prepare them FCPS students for 21st century careers.  The program was designed to try and keep the student’s interest in the fields of math, science, and technology by using sophisticated technology applications.  In addition to increasing their skills in those three fields, global awareness will be included within the program to strength the student’s perception of the world around them through the software.  There is even corporate sponsorship coming from Intel, Exxon, and Northrop Grumman to help fund the program and get it off the ground.

This fits with what we are talking about with Culture, Education, and Technology.  Our society’s children have evolved over the course of decade from barely knowing how to run a computer to using Web 2.0, the Internet, and other computer applications.  To meet the needs of these students, the school is giving birth to this new program that will be nurtured and hopefully grow into a productive asset to the student’s learning and preparation for th 21st century.  If this program is in fact successfully, I hope that other schools try to adopt something similar to it in the future.


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