Education, Technology, and Culture: What Do They Have In Common?

With these three things, the interact with one another on so many levels.  The culture that we come from determines the perspective we have of the world.  So, whatever my perspective might be on a topic it probably will not be the same as someone in say a different social class, occupation, ethnicity, etc.  That culture meets education when you bring those different perspectives into a classroom setting.  The quality of education we receive is determined by our culture and how we can relate it to what we are studying.  The whole thing with application problems and relevance to a student’s life plays a role here.  When learning the information taught to the real world there are a variety of tools we as educators use to help meet our goals and help students retain it.  Enter technology.  Other time, these three things have all remained fluid, have evolved, and will continue to do so.  Even a scholar who has studied a specific part of culture for their entire life will never know everything there is to know about it because it always changing.  In this evolution, however, one thing remains the same that these three things of Education, Technology and Culture rely on each and can not stand alone.


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