Are We All Just Looking for the Fracture?

Reading this Stephen Downes article got thinking about messages.  There are a lot of people out there who want to spin wild conspiracy theories about everything in world.  So, how do they make these theories seem so compeling to appear like reality?  What makes a message compelling?  Some like to use shock value, something that rattles the cage of the societal norms to open people’s minds to what they are trying to say.  This can work, but sometimes the message is so out there it just appears to be too crazy. 

What I think really works is logic.  According to the movie “Thank You For Smoking,” you can win any argument you want by the way you present it.  Presenting a arguement with logical steps and facts to back it up will be much more compelling than throwing some radical theory out there.  But, we I think it is good that we are all critical of everything and like Anthony Hopkins in the movie “Fracture” look for the flaw in the design. 


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