Teaching Children How to Use the Internet

This article from Stephen Dowes’s talks about a website called Woogi World aimed at elementary kids.  The goal of the website is to show them how to use the Internet safely and in the best way possible.  The activities on the website for kids have NCLB standards in place and the stuff kids are doing in them satisfy those standards.

Your child gets the oppotunity to create their own Woogi and give it a name.  Once your inside the world, you get the oppotunity to play games, learn about the internet, and communicate with other woogies.  It seems like a great virtual environment that is completely noncommericial.  However, there is some corporate interest in it, which worries Mr. Downes.  His concern comes from a possible hidden agenda by the corporation, which is understandable.  If the environment can remain untainted, then it would be great for kids to interact with others around the world.



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