My Last Outpost Experience

I just got done leveling my warrior up to level 5 with the help of Nate and I’ve gotta say the experience was definitely interesting. One of the major problems I had with the game was figuring out what the right commands were to interact with the game. I tried several different variations, but I got no where fast. Thankfully, Nate showed me what were the right commands to use in order to get what I wanted done from collecting coins from dead corpses to equipping weapons and armor.

There is a lot of text within this game that you must read in order to understand what is going on and where you want to go next. Students could gain some practice and improve their overall reading skills from this game. Not only does it give practice for reading, but comprehension skills are improved upon as well. You have understand exactly what you are reading to know what to do next, which is something I struggled with in this game. So, if you can figure out what you are reading, then you can succeed at the game.

I’m not a particular fan of MUDs overall, but this one was a good one and would be something students would enjoy playing. Fun times and a good experience!


One Response to “My Last Outpost Experience”

  1. It is a fast and furious paced experience for sure! Lots of commands to remember, fast typing for sure, but overall it was fun. I’ve never really been into games, but my students ate it up!
    Congrats on making it to the level 5!

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