More to Smile Than Meets the Eye

Interesting article coming from Education Wonks.  This has happened to me before.  In the area where I student taught, the percentage for free-reduced lunch was pretty high up there.  Students who came from lower class homes would act as though punishing them was a joke and smile at you.  Whether or not these children received any discipline or structure at home was a mystery, but it was definitely frustrating.  Reading this article helped me understand why someone who smiles at being punished for something they did wrong.  The smile we often think of refers to happiness and joy, but this particular smile from this group of students is considered a defense mechanism.  In homes where students get abused or threatened on a daily basis, they attempt to disarm their attacker by playing down the situation and removing their artillery.  Makes some sense, but sometimes that is not always the case with every student some have to deal with those kinds of situations while other simply are just rotten.


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