Are We Bias In Our Questions Without Knowing It?

I read an article about how sometimes the context of a question or the words chosen can change one meaning to something completely different.  For example, using the word Jew alone can describe a particular group and what religion they practice, but add the word dirty at the beginning and it becomes a racial slur.   I’m not not trying to say racial slurs are used in questions on tests in education, I hope not anyway.  What I am saying is sometimes we assume the population who we teach have had the experiences we have had in the past and in doing so may be setting them up for failure.  Students, for example, who have never seen snow or experienced it may have more trouble answering a question about snow than say someone who has experienced it.  The same thing can be said for a question that takes things from one culture.  We really need to consider our students and what they have been exposed to in their lives.  Maybe then we can write better questions and see them succeed.


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