End of the Semester Blues!

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling this, but I am at the point where I have ten million things to do, but only have very little time to get them all done. One, I’m behind of my work. Two, I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet.  Three, once the semester is over I’ll still have several things that will need to be done.  It seems once you’re done with one thing there is always something waiting for you in the future that needs to be done.  It seems I’m only ch iping away at what needs to be done, but eventually it will all get done.  At least that’s my positive outlook on this whole situation.


One Response to “End of the Semester Blues!”

  1. Cheer up. I always thought that once I got my dissertation done and the Ph.D. in hand, that things would slow down and I could take it easy.

    HAH! Was I ever wrong.

    Hang in. You can make it.

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