Using What We Ask For

This article inspired me to write this post.  We all have dreams of what we wish to accomplish when it comes to education.  Our dreams may include technology and all of the new gadgets that companies create to help teachers out with instruction.  We want students to use laptops, PDAs, projectors, etc. all for the greater good of learning content. Here lies the problem.  We ask for all of these things, but in the end we decide we don’t want to accept the responsibility for using them.  In the end, these highly complex technological advances of the future are simply left to collect dust.  If you ask for something, please use it.  Budgets are very tight for each year and grants that are wasted could have been used for a school with a higher need.  So, the discussion of where are the resources could be answered by saying they are in another classroom collecting dust.  Like, when you want to play guitar and you buy one, but you give after a few tries and put it in the corner for the rest of its days.  Please use what you ask for.


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