More Evidence in Support of the Need for 21st Century Skills

In this article, there was a survey released by Harris Interactive and commissined by ASQ who used 2,818 U.S. adults as their sample size.  They asked them what kinds of skills did students need to know for the 21st century and who is to blame for them not getting these skills.  The group that received the most blame were the parents with 64% followed by school leaders with 34%.  Which tells me that the foundation for learning in the 21st century begins with the parents and getting them involved in the process as much as possible.  Parent involvement has always been something that teachers have tried to obtained over the years, but it is even more crucial for learning those necessary skills for the next century.  Many adults are calling for a revamping of the K-12school’s structure in our country, but what is interesting is most students are happy with their education.  Whether that is true or just students not being pushed remains to be seen. 


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