Interesting Idea

I just had thought about how through the beauty of technology there could be a model UN with students from actual student diplomats from countries around the world to discuss issues.   We hear about model UNs all the time among middle and high schools in different states, but I’ve never heard of one that would be more realistic with actual diplomats from other countries.  There could be host site where all of the feeds would go into with monitors and webcams. Each diplomat would receive software they could use that would allow for video conferencing and the image of the person speaking would appear on their screen.  This would allow for students to work with other students from different cultures and expose them to more diversity, something that is lacking this part of the country.  I don’t know if this idea would get off the ground, but if it did it would interesting to watch play out.


2 Responses to “Interesting Idea”

  1. i like this idea, but the problem with webcams is that they’re expensive, require high bandwidth connections, and are generally synchronous modes of communications.

    re-imagine this with the delegates using a simple photograph as an iconic representation and asynchronous discussions. so that we dont have to have kids in Zimbabwe online at the same time as kids in Nepal.

    Interesting idea, indeed.

  2. Hmm, a simple fix to the webcam solution. I think this would allow for honest discussions from a new perspective. Adults have their own hidden agenda for issues, where kids are more honest. Granted some due want to exaggerate things, but I think they have a lot to say. Who knows, maybe the governments will lend an hear to what they have to say.

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