Why Are Schools Blacklisting Facebook and Myspace?

I found this article about how the OEA is trying to ban the use of facebook and myspace by teachers and it got me thinking about the mob rules article I read yesterday.  The Mob Rules article said that the net provides a way for everyone to be connected and communicating with each other to be engage.  But, if we block teachers accessing the net, then communication through that tool is lost.  I like the examples given in the article about the prohibition of sex and driving parents place on those two topics.  It is something they don’t want to deal with, so they figuratively sweep it under the carpet and just choose not to deal with it.  Instead, we should be educating our students on the proper use of social networking tools to effective use facebook and myspace and avoid any inappropriate usage.  I think with a lot of things we are just so afraid to talk about them that we assume the best course of action is to avoid them, when in reality we are hurting our children even more.  Talking about these topics will education children on what they should and should not do on the net and result in better usage of these tools.  Maybe then school administrators will open their eyes to the power these tools possess towards the net and getting to know our students better.


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