A Terrible Crime From Unlikely Perpetrators

This article has nothing to do really with distance education, but I thought it was something bizarre and another example of how some of the things that could be seen at a higher age have now come down to a lower one.  Two nine year old boys and one eight year old boy have been accused of raping a eleven year old girl.  What concerns me the most is the motivation for why those boys would want to commit such a violent crime.  Have they been victims of rape or molestation themselves?  What kind of home environment are they in?

As educators, we have to ask questions like these to get to the bottom of things and avoid potential problems to help our students.  If the home life for these boys had been bad, then there should be action taken to put them in a better situation.  That is not to say that one boy could have wanted to commit the crime and other two simply followed along, which at this age that seems to happen with kids.  One moment they will be fine and will behave, but if prompted by peer pressure will follow along.

I feel so bad for the victim here because now she is going to have problems in her future relationships and have problems trusting anyone.  I wish I could help her some way, but sometimes I suppose there are situations where you cannot really do anything.  Again, I just wanted to share this with everyone as an eyeopener that are students are dealing with serious issues at an early age.


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