Success in the Middle Act

There is a new education bill on the floor in the House of Representatives called The Success in the Middle Bill.  The bill claims to do all of the following:

  1. Authorizing $1 billion per year for formula grants to states to provide grants to local school districts for the improvement of low-performing schools that contain middle grades.
  2. States receiving the grants would implement a plan to improve student achievement. The plan would describe what students are required to know and do to successfully complete the middle grades and make a successful transition to an academically rigorous high school that prepares students for post-secondary education and the workplace. This would include the development of early warning data systems to identify those students most at risk of dropping out and intervening to help them succeed.
  3. States and districts would invest in proven strategies such as:
    1. Providing professional development to school leaders, teachers, and other school personnel, addressing the needs of diverse learners and using challenging and relevant, research-based best practices and curriculum;
    2. Developing and implementing comprehensive, school-wide improvement efforts in our nation’s lowest performing schools; and
    3. Implementing student supports, such as extended learning time, personal graduation plans, and coaching that enable all students to stay on the path to graduation.
  4. Authorizing an additional $100 million to facilitate the generation, dissemination, and application of research needed to identify and implement effective practices that lead to continual student learning and high academic achievement at the middle level

This bill will finally take a step in the right direction by helping schools who are struggling instead of kicking them even further done if they are low performing. States will devise plans to make sure the transitional period for adolescents will prove to be the most beneficial to them.    Teachers will be involved in different strategies such professional development, developing school-wide changes, and implementing student support.

It will be interesing if this bill becomes a law.  It might prove to be a great move in the fallout of the implementation of NCLB for the past 7 years.  Time will tell.


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