MOB rules

I meant to post this yesterday, but due to the Saturday’s business draining me of all my energy I’m posting it today.  Interesting blog on phaedrus’s blog.  The mod in this article is referring to the many people out there in the world who are using the content.  The reference to the mob refers to those users out there who are using the net to meet their needs, whatever those needs might be.  Some of those needs questionable, which may be the reason why they’ve been labeled the mob.

When we see the words “The net” we may be thinking of the Internet and the content f0und on it.  But, “the net” means just a network of people whether it is through the Internet or over a phone network, like the blog talked about in Africa with farmers.  the network provides provides with a means of sharing content with one another to solve issues they may have or gain the information and content they need.  The net meets the needs of the users within it by the relationships that are established.  Kind of like this class.  We go find the content and share it with everything through our blog and within our own network share our ideas about it.  Interesting stuff.


One Response to “MOB rules”

  1. I found the article interesting as well. It’s amazing how far technology has gone. I can’t believe tht farmers in 3rd world countries have cell phones. Half the time my cell phone won’t work inside my house. It’s just mind blowing.

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