Achievement Between Asian/White Students and Latino/African American Students

In article from the LA Times, an Achievement Gap Summit  white over 4,000 educators, parents businesspeople, and policy makers from Sacramento.   State Supt.  of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell claims that educators need to start realzing that asian/white students are outperforming latino/african american  students.

O’Connell mentions a school reform consultant Glenn Eric Singleton who claims that attitudes towards parents are one form of institutional racism. When we hold on dysfunctional family as an example of a whole race it immbolizes the whoole system.  Another possible explanation might be the lack of a role model for latinos or african american students.  The movie Stand and Deliever shows how one latino educator does his best to see his students succeed.

I understand that racism is out there as an ugly beast roaming the realm of education and it is very unfortunate that the thing exists.  Premature assumptions of expectations may be one problem why some students are not getting their needs met.   Until we get rid of what we think we know of students and find out what they do know we are going to continue to have this problem.


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