What Kind of Pressure Were Teachers Under Back in the Day?

This is reflection piece from Remote Access where Clarence Fisher questions whether teachers from the past were under the same pressure as teachers of today.  I agree with his statement that teachers today are under a lot more pressure than teachers of yesteryear.  Education used to be about preparing students for functioning in the local community and entering the workforce.  Nowadays, there is a connected global community students have become apart of and with this change education has been reevaluated to accomodate them.  Sure, teachers had standards to meet in the past and would make sure their students were meeting them, but now there is more push to increase those standards and keep up with the rest of the world.  Makes me wonder what the future holds for this fast-paced world we live in today.  Will the world change so much that education as a whole will need to take a step back, think about the situation, and make the necessary changes to meet the needs of students in the 21st century?  How will we meet those needs?  Will we have the tools to meet those needs?  So many questions to confront.


One Response to “What Kind of Pressure Were Teachers Under Back in the Day?”

  1. I agree that we are under extremely more pressure now then back then. For one, NCLB is a big stress issue. I do feel, however, that we still need to prepare our students for the community around us and the global competition they will be facing once they leave school. THis is why I feel that we should teach technology in our schools as well as core academic content areas. If a student is proficient with excell, word, publisher, spreadsheets, and other tools necessary for high jobs.

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