Little Brother is Watching You

Not only do teachers have to worry about Big Brother watching there every move in the form of test scores, but it seems there is a Little Brother or brothers watching teachers as well. A “teacher performance unit is being deployed to try and weed out bad teachers in the New York City area. The aim of this group is build cases against teachers with tenure to remove them if they are not performing their job and push principals to get rid of teachers who do not have tenure and are performing the same way. What I find most troubling about this whole is A) This one more pressure teachers must deal with on top of everything else and B) These are lawyers we’re talking about her, not educators. They do not have any experience teaching in the classroom or the kinds of situations teachers must experience. I can understand why they might want to get rid of tenured teachers who are performing poorly because we have all had the pleasure of being taught by at least one. However, I don’t think it is practical for a team of lawyers to judge what is considered a effective teacher or an ineffective teacher, but that’s just me.


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