How to Catch a Child in Lie About What They are Playing?

Do you remember when you were a kid asking for a certain video game for your birthday or Christmas and exagerrating the truth about its contents so your parents would buy it?  Well, that may come to an end with this new website called What They Play.  What They Play is not a website that offers your traditional game review telling you whether it is a technically good game, but instead offers parents a consumer reports style review of whether it is appropriate for your child.   It provides details of the content included in the game that goes beyond the ESRB rating of suggestive lyrics, violence, and sexual content.  For example the game Call of Duty 4 is fairly new and has been a popular shooter game for awhile now.  It describes scenes from the game including one scene where a soldier gets attacked and eaten by a dog.  Also, some of the many infamous four letter words are described in the review.

The website provides a glossary of terminology in video games so parents can A) Have a conversation about video games with their children and not get confused or lost from it and B) Can avoid getting lied to or manipulated by their children.  This is a great tool for those parents concerned about what their children are playing.  There is even a suggested age that parents agree on who’ve visited the site of when children are mature enough to start playing the game.

Now parents can find out which games are educational that they want their children to start playing and have less of the negative aspects of some video games.  Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?


One Response to “How to Catch a Child in Lie About What They are Playing?”

  1. Thanks so much! As a parent of a 11 year old boy games are big in our house. This site comes at a perfect time before Christmas.

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