Obama’s Position on the Future of the Internet

The following article discusses the position of Barrack Obama on the future of the Internet and the policies he wants to put in place.  One of his plans is to create a way through creative and imaginativepo methods to bring broadband to the rural parts of the United States.  I know that Dr. Lowell expressed some interest in trying to get a grant to provide broadband connection for Eastern Kentucky.  This would follow the goal that Senator Obama wants to accomplish to bring the Internet to the less fortunate in the country.  Other goals he wants to reach include improving health care technology, researching green energy {which I have no idea what it is exactly but it could prove to be benefical}, and creating technology that will make the government more transparent.  He doesn’t really go into much detail about how he is going to make the government more transparent, but I guess it is better than nothing.  If he actually follows through on these policies, then it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.


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