Parents Bonding With Their Children

In this article, AOL Games took a poll and asked parents if they played games with their children or not. Out of the parents polled, 57% of them do play video games with their children. I remember when I was younger my dad telling me that video games were worthless and a waste of money. But nowadays I think that children and parents can find some common ground because the generation that grew up playing video games while being yelled at parents to stop playing are now parents themselves. Kids today are being exposed to new technology and learn it at a much younger age. One of the struggles some parents have are finding some common interest with their kids. Video games can provide a means to bring families together and allow parents to bond with their kids. Teachers can use video games as a way to bond with their students and suggest games that they find to educational and fun at the same time. Video games are no longer worthless, like my dad told me, but instead have several purposes to them.


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