The Nature of Class Interaction According to Kearsley

According to Chapter 4 of Kearsley, the social context of a class can change with the amount of control exhibited by students and teachers.  A study was conducted to examine a collaborative peer review activity in online courses for freshman writing class and plant science lab.  Students had to read article, give a rating and share their thoughts about what they had read.  The results from this study revealed that the overall volume of the students outnumbered the teacher with students dominating the interactions and students taking on more active roles.

We have done the same in this class by reading blogs and articles on the Internet, writing about them in our own blogs critiquing the points presented, and commenting on them to establish discourse.   Dr. Lowell does not have to try start any conversations about them and can let us take reins of our own learning.  Teachers may have a little apprehension about letting their students be more independent as learners.  Students have the ability to take some control over their own learning, we just have to assess how much we think they can handle.  Sure, elementary students may not be able to do the same amount as say high school students, but we can them some small independent learning opportunities.


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