Researching Online Interaction vs. Face-to-Face Interaction

The topic of Distance Education that I would like to research is online interactions vs. face-to-face interactions for learning.

As a way to establish a foundation for my study, I would look at the previous research conducted on this topic and find any fractures in their design that I would want to avoid for in my own study.  Once I had my foundation, I would want to interview teachers in both forums of online and face-to-face classrooms to find out the types of interactions they use.  I would observe both of these interactions in a face-to-face classroom and on a chat session to compare the two to one another.  I would monitor 10 different sessions from both forums before I begin interpreting the data.  From the data, I would begin to draw conclusions on what I witnessed and make some suggestions for future studies that other individuals could conduct to extend research into this topic.

I chose this topic because I have a friend who is not fascinated at all with distance education and claims they are a waste of time where you don’t learn anything.  Maybe with the study I conduct, I can shed some light on the subject for her to draw a better conclusion.


One Response to “Researching Online Interaction vs. Face-to-Face Interaction”

  1. I think this would be a wonderful research project. I think it would be very interesting. I also have friends who think that distance education is a waste. The jury is still out for me, but I have had both good and bad classes both in-class and online, but I am leaning toward the online courses….maybe that will help me grade 🙂

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