Is NCLB Punishing Other Subjects?

I went onto the National Council for the Social Studies website and found this article about how instructional time for social studies is being limited due to the increased instructional time for subjects covered by NCLB.  The argument behind this article states that NCLB is reducing the instructional time for Social Studies in elementary schools and there is no assessment for Social Studies in a lot of states.

The time spent on Social Studies during a week for a elementary school in North Carolina is only 15 to 30 minutes for 2 to 3 days out of the week for only half of the school year.  I went to go check the source of these numbers, but the reference page is confusing on which source these numbers belong to.  Could this be a strategy by the author to believe these numbers and rule out any possibility that hey are exaggerated?

In the other section on no test for social studies, it claims that testing programs and standards based reform are barriers prevents social studies from being taught.  They claim that six additional studies support this, but they don’t tell which ones.  This makes me question if they really do support the claim.  I could say 10 studies support an idea of feeding children ice cream 4 times a day is healthy for them, but if I don’t say where they came from it doesn’t provide much strength for what I am arguing.

The author could very well have wonderful sources to support what they are arguing for in this article, but they might want to work on where their information is coming from.


2 Responses to “Is NCLB Punishing Other Subjects?”

  1. This is not a comment on this posting, but rather a response to a question / commnent on Remonzer’s blog – By taking the extra courses through the virtual high school, are they eligible for scholarships offered from that site? Or, is it just something else they can put on their scholarship applications to help getting scholarships from other groups?
    The answer is the latter of your two questions.

    By the way, what is your name?

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