Kearsely & Research

In the book “Online Education: Learning and Teaching in Cyberface,” Kearsley describes on page 144 organizations that shape online education.  Some of these organizations include technology companies who design hardware and software, research & development centers, and funding agencies.  A thought occured to me that may seem simple, but it is so true.  Any field relies on research to continue broadening its understanding of the content within the field.  Failure to conduct research in education would result in poor methods of reaching some students.  Research provides us with knowledge to refine our teaching methods.

The problem though with trying to conduct research studies is obtaining the funding for your study.  It’s a sad fact, but if you don’t have the green you don’t get your study.  Thankfully though there are grants out there researchers can obtain to get the funding they need to conduct the studies they want.

Research, also, serves as a way to direct the field of education.  New research provides new information that educators use to decide what changes need to be made to teach better.  This tells us what programs would be most beneficial to implement for things like exploratories and extracurricular.

I don’t think research could ever really stop.  Everbody has too many questions going through their mind about their field.  Researchers want to satisify the “What If” questions.  If we stopped asking questions in education, then we would definitely lose some kids and the quality of education would begin to slip.


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