Response to Research Ask Questions

When it comes to research for me, I think it gives me support to what I think may be the answer, but do not think it ever fully answers the question.  If it did, then why would we need to continue with research?  With the future, comes new factors.  Factors that many never even considered before and that leads to new questions to ask about a topic.

When questioning though, you have to have somewhere to start from, some basic understanding of a topic.  Foundational material provides a ground zero to begin questioning from.  In Math it could be basic operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.  In Social Studies, it could be that our country is known as a republic.  From there you can begin asking questions like, is a republic the best form of government for our country?  Or, how many different ways can use adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.  You have to something to build on.  You can’t build a house with supplies and workers and you can’t win the Super Bowl if you don’t have a football team.

In phaedrus’s post On Research, I would have to agree that the choice of which the better medium is a matter of preference.  I like to watch a lot of movies and prefer the stories told in that medium to books, but I still enjoy reading books.  However, someone could feel differently and prefer it the other way around.  Neither of us are right or wrong, it is just what we prefer.

So, what do I want to study in Distance Education?   I want to read about and learn more on where we are headed as a nation in education.  In the class we have learned about blogs, aggregators, wikis, and more tools, but is their a better idea waiting in the future that will replace these tools.  Tools used to build houses and buildings today are not what they used to be half a century ago, so what tools will we see a couple decades from now.  It is interesting to wonder what the future holds.


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