Is EDUC 685 a Level 4 class?

Following to the four levels of online course’s blog from phaedrus’s blog, I would agree that our class is a level 4 online class.  We get to make the decision on what we want to ask read and ask questions about pertaining to education.  If we have problems, Dr. Lowell provides any assistance to remedy those problems.  He remains a facilatator to the class and asks some deep questions and helps to develop our analysis skills to help us see things from a different perspective.

Level one classes try to recreate the face-to-face environment that we often used to, but using that formula for a distance education course doesn’t always bring about the best results.  Students need to think.  Sometimes the best way to do this is to put them in a situation where they are forced to think for themselves.  The more independent they become as thinkers the better off they will become.  Isn’t that what we want our students to become?  People who are educated enough to make their own minds up than the people who simply follow the crowd.


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