Ganley’s Evaluation Methods

In her blog Blurry Boundaries, Mrs. Ganley uses a lot of self-reflection evaluation methods in her undergraduate courses for her students where they reflect on their course work and write about it in blogs.  Students get the opportunity to create their own rubrics for their projects and grade them according to that creation.  I’ve had some experience with this kind of assessment and it gave me some insight into how instructors create rubrics.  I know what kind of criteria is expected from me because I created the rubric for the assessment. 

At the end of the semester, both the instructor and the student conference with one another to decide what is the most appropriate grade for the student.  This provides the student with a chance to explain their case to the instructor.  It would be something more challenging to implement, but it would provide a personal method to grading with the student’s involvement. 


One Response to “Ganley’s Evaluation Methods”

  1. I find having students to aid in the construction of a project rubric to be very effective. I also like their imput on class rules/requirements, etc. It gives them a sense of ownership over the project itself. Their increased investment usually helps them to focus and work harder, etc. Now I need to go back and read this entry of Ganley’s…

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