Does the Global Nature of the Web Affect Evaluation?

When it comes to the global nature of the web, evaulating student work is not hindered.  We use several different tools to evaulate student performance as well as teacher performance.  Student performance is evaluated by the teacher by using different strategies.   For this class, peformance is evaulated by the quantity and more so the quality of the posts we make on our blogs from reading the criteria for the week.  In addition, we are evaluated on our participation in commenting on blogs and interacting with one another in TappedIn chats.  In a face-to-face classroom, this may change by using different forms of evaulation for both formative and summative assessment, but still accomplishes the same goal as the online classroom. 

Teacher evaulation comes in the form of surveys filled out by students.  IDEA surveys are a good example of this where students evaulate the instructor’s performance in different categories, which are reviewed and taken into consideration when the powers to be evaulate the instructor’s performance. 

What it amounts to is simply the Web does not hinder the evaulation methods of students and teachers.  The means to do so may be different, but they are both accomplishing the objective they set out for themselves.  If I have missed the mark on this question, then someone please show me the light.


One Response to “Does the Global Nature of the Web Affect Evaluation?”

  1. Do you think that students are more… I don’t know, brazen in their comments when evaluating their classes and teachers online? Have you ever seen (or ratemyprofessor)? I know, it’s not something managed by a school system, but I’ve still about parents reading the comments of students. I think the process or philosophy is the same, but I think the online element can make students more honest (or exaggerative). Not sure…

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