Anti-Blog: One Critic’s Stab at Academic Blogs

This article comes from OLDaily where the author is talking about the origin of his negativity towards academic blogs.  One of his arguments comes from the comments section of blogs.  According to him, it is much more effective and easier to take a article and write about it on your own blog than it is to comment on that blog’s page.  Comments get lost among the masses and it is hard to sometimes follow them.  Also, comments have varied from either quick responses to well written blogs or vague blogs receiving well written comments.  I would have to say that I agree with him that it is much easier to write your own response on your blog than it is to leave a comment on a blog.  Those who subscribe to your blog can easily see what you have to say than going to the article and reading the comments section.

Second, he says that the turf war that occurs in universities carries over into the blogosphere. Sometimes two philosophies that disagree on what they believe find themselves attacking one another in an attempt to be the victor instead of conducting a debate.  The result of which is not very productive and only creates animosity between the two.  Too many people today want to be the ones that are right.  They like to win.  The power that comes with it of knowing they beat out their opponent.  Nobody wants to really sit down, discuss what you believe and try to understand what the other one believes.  Before we can hope to have debates, we first have to understand that we all have a philosophy we believe in.  We follow it because its what feels right to us.  Others may disagree and that’s fine, but when it reaches the point where it is an attack then any value in it is lost.

The author makes some good points with his evaluations, but I don’t think academic blogs are a complete waste of time.  They just need to be conducted in a better manner by the users.


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