Has Education Become a Marketing Tool?

This blog is short, but has some truth to it.  Have we lost sight of what education really is?  Are we using to as a marketing tool?  I think it has reached that point where we put so much importance on test scores that the government only wants students to succeed to put themselves higher up on the food chain in the world.  To say that the United States does have the brightest minds in the world…on paper.

However, as we get pushed to pick up the pace of teaching students we force our students into an awkward position of trying to cram so much information into one mind that it becomes like an overpacked suitcase.  He shove shirts, jackets, shoes, 100 bottles of travel shampoo and body wash, and what every us testing the locks of the suitcase until it reaches the point where it breaks and all those items explode out of it.  Information gets lost the same exact way.  You try to get so much in and expect students reach a certain high level in a short amount of time the quality of the students education gets lost and so does what they learn.

I know everyone likes to harp on standards and how bad they have become…but the fact of the matter is these things won’t go away anytime soon.  We need to think of a way to roll with the punches of the system and persevere to give our student’s the proper educational experience they deserve.


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