Whose Tools? Theirs.

Sometimes in the position we find ourselves we want to take control every aspect of our activities to make sure there is no chaos occurs.  I myself like holding all of the reins and keeping tabs on all of the classroom activity, but sometimes I have to let go for learning to occur.  In this article, students are conducting school chat discussion using IM services.  The school tried to create an online environment using a chat program that the school had complete control over, but thigns didn’t go too well.  The school then went in a different dirction and decided to let the students assume control with IM services like Yahoo! and MSN.

Many adults perceive IM services to be pointless, but maybe letting student us the tools they are the most accustomed to could provide the highest amount of learning to occur.    I was skeptical about using Yahoo messenger to conduct chat sessions, but this article has shed some light on their use in education.  Students can become independent learners and conduct themselves professionally.  I suppose we need to have some more faith and trust in our students to take control of their own learning.


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