Should We Adopt e-Portfolios?

I read a paper on e-Portfolios and how we should be moving to a different type of assessment with the changes in society.    e-Portfolios is supposed to be a tool that will encompass the comprehensive spectrum of learning with formal and informal learning.  With this new tool, a new pedogogy of “new learning” has emerged where the boundaries of formal and informal learning.  Formal learning being learning done in a traditional setting and informal learning being learning done outside of traditional setting.  This all sounds good, but the new tool doesn’t have positive feedback from everyone.

There are students who have had experience with using e-portfolios and considered it just another hoop to jump through to for their degree as a pre-service teacher.  I, myself, have no real experience with completing a e-portfolio, that I know of anyway.  I think that this concept is fairly new and over time it will may receive a more positive outlook once the purpose is clearly defined for everyone.


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