How Do We Know If Students Are Learning In All Environments

From my understanding of assessing learning, knowing when a student knows something and when they don’t comes from the type of assessments you are using. The quality of assessment will determine the accuracy of your activities. We have to consider the approaches we take to these activities like what type of questions are we asking and the means students use to answer those questions. It doesn’t change whether it is a face-to-face classroom or a online classroom. If you are creating meaningful activities that ask questions of a higher quality, then learning can be assessed more accurately.

Demonstration of knowledge through in-depth projects would be great way to see if student know their stuff.  Projects require a lot of different skills to accomplish them  and applying their knowledge to create something or to solve a problem.  This is much better way of determining whether student’s know the content and can apply it to a real world  scenario.  In my opinion, this is the best method to really see if students know the content.


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