Searching for the Holy Grail of Assessment

With so much assessment out there to choose from, what is considered to be the best type of assessment to use in the classroom?  Is there a ‘holy grail’ with assessment?  Personally, I’ve tried to stay away just assigning a worksheet and incorporate more writing activities with my past students.  But, sometimes that isn’t quite as practical as say using lower Bloom questions to check student’s understanding of a topic.  So, I pose this question to everyone.  Is there on perfect mold for assessment?  Or, does it vary from situation to situation depending on the objectives set for a particular lesson or unit?


One Response to “Searching for the Holy Grail of Assessment”

  1. I think that the assessment process has to vary according to what is being studied at the time. I believe one of the best ways to assess true understanding is through open-ended response questions. These can be very time consuming for the teacher to grade, unlike MC or TF tests. So, I think the kind of assessment should depend on whether the lesson is an introduction or a culminating performance. Maybe that would be a good place to start when deciding how to assess students.

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