Gardner’s New Look On the Mind…Excuse Me, the Five Minds

While looking for assessment blogs, I came across this blog entry about a new book that Howard Gardener, the man behind the theory of multiple intelligences, called “Five Minds for the Future.” The book is geared towards the expectations employers have for students today, but some of these things are what society expects today.  The Disciplinary Mind expects mastery in content areas.  Education expects students to do the same with the standards placed on each grade level.  The Synthesizing Mind expects a student to synthesize information and apply to the “real-world” setting. Teachers attempt to do with students to show relevance.  The Creative Mind expects students to use their mind to think outside the box, discover new problems, question existing ideas and policies, and uncover new territory.  Teachers encourage students to do to gain a new perspective on a concept.  The Respectful Mind expects students to discusses diversity and appreciation different cultures. Educational officials strive to help a student become well-rounded and empathetic to other class and ethnic groups.  Finally, the Ethical Mind asks students to have a good understanding of one’s responsibilities as a worker and citizen.  Social Studies teachers attempt to to show how citizenship affects the workings of the republic to which we live in and what is expected of us.

All of these minds make a lot of sense and cover a lot of different areas that would help a student became well-rounded.  I haven’t got a chance to read anything from this book or listen to any interviews with Dr. Gardner.  I would like to read up a little more on the five minds.   How did he come up with the five minds?  What kind of research, if any, backs up his theory of the five minds?


One Response to “Gardner’s New Look On the Mind…Excuse Me, the Five Minds”

  1. Interesting. I’ve always thought Gardner was on track with his multiple intelligences theory. I haven’t seen anything previously about the “five minds”. Just off the top of my head, though, i wonder about the possibility of this being another method to sell ideas. Last count, he espoused 9 intelligences, up from 7. Now, he’s taken to five minds….just a thought. And a completely unprepared thought, at that. I’d like to have time to read his book.

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