You Can Paint a Old House a New Color, But It Will Still Be a Old House

“We are changing our system of values, changing all our identities, our partners, our illusions, and so on. We are obliged to change, but changing is something other than becoming, they are different things. We are in a “changing” time, where it is the moral law of all individuals, but changing is not becoming. We can change everything, we can change ourselves, but in this time we don’t become anything. It was an opposition put forth by Nietzsche, he spoke about the era of chameleons. We are in a chameleonesque era, able to change but not able to become.”

This was a quote found on a blog entitled Our Distinctions Between ‘Change’ and ‘Becoming’  and simply means that we can apply all these new tools available to bring our classrooms to the Internet and other technological realms.  Often, we push for implementation and change the appearance of our teaching because its new, just like chameleons do when trying to adapt to a new environment.  But, if we don’t take any measures to change our outlook on the students we teach and the issues they face now that are different from the past students, then we will not become anything.  Instead we have only change to a different hue of color with some ol’ person underneath



One Response to “You Can Paint a Old House a New Color, But It Will Still Be a Old House”

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