The Art of Education

I recently read on phaedus post about Education as Art, and came across this part towards the end of the post:

“Like Art, not every work appeals to everybody. Likewise, not every lesson works for everybody — or anybody, sometimes. Sometimes the failure is in providing sufficient support so you can recognize the splendor in what you’re seeing. Sometimes its a matter of waiting for the experience to mature like the first week of class where you all mostly went “GAAAHH!!” and then discovered several weeks later that it was all part of the plan. Art is not necessarily in the eye of the beholder like Beauty, but more likely exists in the mind of the Artist.”

I believe this to be true. There are some artists I may find more appealing than others.  The man behind the curtain that stimulates my appreciation for art is, of course, the artist.  This person has the knowledge and skill to paint something that is considered to be a masterpiece.

The teacher has a similar role to the artist.  The teacher has a number of tools to use for their work and methods provide the means for using these tools to create learning experiences.  Some may not appreciate these experiences when they are first exposed to them, like we all have the first week of this class, but over time you begin to appreciate what was done for you.  I know we all must deal with a lot of the bad things that come with being a teacher such as standards, countless hours of testing, and blame received from the community.  But, wow, when we look at all of the art we are creating for the world, you can not help but sit back and say to yourself, “Wow, I’m proud to say I am a teacher.”


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