What Do We KNOW About Teaching and Learning Theories?

What do we know about Teaching and Learning Theories?  My humble opinion of the relationship between these two things is simply that sometimes theory predict behavior exhibited in the classroom and sometimes it doesn’t.  There are so many theorists out there with so many perspectives on teaching that not all of them will fit every situation.  A theory, which is something that has been discussed a lot this week, is simply a hypothesis that someone has proposed with support from some research or study.

We know that this relationship exist between teaching and learning theories based on our own experience teaching.  We support one theory and apply it towards our own teaching.  From our experience, we can determine whether it is working or not and make the decision to continue supporting it.
If I’m way off here, then something tell me.  I would like to hear what your opinion is on this subject.

2 Responses to “What Do We KNOW About Teaching and Learning Theories?”

  1. Right, I agree we look at theories and see if they are working in our situation and we also combine theories and do what we can to get the information that we need to best suit our situations that are given to us.

  2. I agree. I don’t think you’re off base at all. We learn so much as far as theory when we’re an undergraduate and at that time it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Then, when we actually start teaching and trying different methods, the theory sort of comes to light, I think. It begins to make sense and be brought back to the forefront of our thinking at times.

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