The Unproject Theory: Giving Students A Choice to Achieve More Learning

After reading the Release the Hounds post on StephenDowe’s blog, I learned more about a new theory on approaches to learning called Unprojects.  In the video, the narrator describes students learning information as amplifiers and not mirrors.    Unprojects give students the choice on how to present what they know in anyway they would like.  The amount of teacher involvement is very low.  The only thing teachers need to do is provide the guidelines for students and then let them go.  These is unique theory on how students present their mastery of knowledge.  It gives students a choice, something that is not often given to students and something students desire.

I think this is something that we don’t do enough of because of pressure to make sure students know the content.  We like holding the reigns and being in control.  But, sometimes we need to hand the reigns over to the students.  Students have the potential to do amazing things if we just let them.  We have to learn to share control with them.   We just need to let them have the chance and see what they can do.


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