Is Constructivism a Theory or Religion?

Hmm, interesting question.  Let’s think about this.  Theory is a perspective proposed hypothesis about how something works in the world.   A theory is not necessary the right answer, but just a suggestion as to what that one particular thing in question might actually be.  In fear of opening up a can of worms, religion could be almost like a theory.  We never say that is one right overall religion and one wrong overall religion, but instead we simply say that is what that person believes.  Sure, there are things that are apart of a group’s religion that they believe in that separate them from other religions, but they are all just theories on the spiritual nature of the world.  The perspective we choose to accept of the spiritual world around us.

Turning things back towards educational theory, some of us choose to accept constructivism as our theory of choice others it may be progressivism.  Sure, there are religious followings of these theories by certain groups, but none of them are the one definite answer to all of the problems we face in education.  They’re just theories and suggestions and nothing more.  We can choose to use them or not use them.


One Response to “Is Constructivism a Theory or Religion?”

  1. I agree with you that “none of them are the one definite answer to all of the problems we face in education” and since the problems are so diverse one theory will not be enough to cover all the problems.

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