Philosophy of Education…Good idea?

One of the first thing the education department does in its introductory course Foundations of Education is require the students to create a philosophy of education using different theorists they both agree and disagree with.  While this may be a good idea to use on paper, I don’t think it is very practical to do in the beginning.  Sure its good to hear about the different theories and try to gain some understanding from them, but at that point in the program there is not that much field experience or exposure to other course to develop those “philosophies” students are required to create.  Its like telling a Biology major to give their opinion on Microbiology when they are only in the first basic Biology 101.   Shouldn’t something like this come during your student teaching where you can apply what you know from the program you have followed for so long and the field experience you’ve acquired to create a philosophy of a higher caliber.   I really think we need to reevaluate what we want to put into our introductory courses to show students what education is about instead of learning a ton of theorists.  Things like what it means to really learn something and process to accomplish that goal.  It would benefit those education candidates who are coming up in the near future.


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